Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Daily market Update with Stern Bear CEO

Firstly... F*ck yea. Today was awesome. Real Awesome. Dougy... that means you. Sometimes I have to break out of my shell and be the frat bear I am. Sometimes I just want to kick ass and take names. Today was one of those days. No April Fools gold here, all bears pulled together and roared forward, I'm proud of you... even Sugar Bear, who couldn't make it to work even if he wasn't sitting on a trust fund and his royalties as a pretty good singer back in the day. F*ck yes Bears, 10 year notes were down, but we'll pull together and work together and PRODUCE. ROOOAARRRRRR!

S&P 500*1370.1847.483.59%
10-YR Note*3.556%-1 4/32-1.12%

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