Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Darth Bear in the House.

(ZAXXON) Good tidings. Darth Bear here... I have been sent to you by the emperor to command an interest rate of 1/2 percent on this part of your planet. Now as we all know the Fed cut the rate over a percent last time they got together. I am not asking for this change, I am commanding it. As Darth Bear I order to make this change immediately. A rate cut would allow investment banks to trade at a discount which would increase profits and thereby ad to a dominate empire. These are the days Darth Bear most enjoys... unemployment is on the rise, so 85,000 jobs have been lost in the last month and big money is changing hands. That means more people joining the military ranks my minions as their options are cut short. It's good to be the king, or at least serve my master.

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